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Arachnid Adventure!

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Arachnid Adventure!
by Kym Wright

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Description The Arachnid Adventure! covers the study of scorpions, pseudoscorpions, whip scorpions, mini whip scorpions, mites, ticks, harvestmen and others. Makes a great companion study to the Spiders Unit. We値l study scorpions, their taxonomy, size, habits and habitats. Where do they live? Do they pinch, bite or sting? How big can they grow? What do they eat? What are pseudoscorpions? We値l discover their anatomy and learn what a pedipalp is! Activities, labs, questions and information help you discover all about scorpions!

The next arachnid category we discover is mites. How are they put together? We値l find out about their legs, mouth, eyes and sensors. Where do they live and what do they eat? What are chiggers? Do they bite, sting or burrow? Activities will help you learn about their anatomy and more.

Have you ever considered dissecting a tick? We値l show you how! And look at ticks under the microscope - to see the legs, mouth and body! We値l study the life cycle, taxonomy and basic anatomy of hard and soft ticks. How can you tell a male from a female? How do they transmit diseases? How can they attach without you feeling it? We値l discover these things and much more.

So, come along on an Arachnid Adventure!

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Topics Covered

The 146 page Arachnid Adventure! covers:

  • Lessons include:

    • Concept Web

    • General Anatomy

    • Taxonomy

    • Pictures

    • Venom 101

    • Molting

    • Eating

    • Arachnid ID

    • Arthropods

    • Scorpion "Cousins"

    • Pseudoscorpiones

    • Whip Scorpions

    • Venomous Varieties

    • Mites

    • Ticks

    • Opiliones

    • Ricinulei, Solfiguae  Schizomida

    • Myriapods

    • Comparison Charts

    • Flashcards



In a Nutshell

Grade Level:


Special Features:
32 Flash Cards
Answer Key