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Botany Adventure 2nd Edition

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Botany Adventure!
by Kym Wright

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Description In the Botany Adventure! you can learn all about plants from the roots up: life cycles, needs, usage, differences, uniqueness, and comparisons. Microscopic to hands-on labs with plenty of Lab Sheets. Practice/review pages and the 50+ flashcards help students master essential concepts such as flower parts, leaf shapes, and root types. Appropriate for 6th grade through high school ~ this 160+ page study provides an exciting and comprehensive look at the plant world around us. Cathy Duffy says, "Since there are no [homeschool] botany texts written for elementary and high school students, until now those of us who wanted to study botany had to create our own courses from the ground up. This unit study solves that problem and does a great job of structuring a botany course that is both enjoyable and educational."

ISBN Number: 978-1-4276-2073-6

Sample Page Click here for a sample page from the Botany Adventure!
Topics Covered

The Botany Adventure! covers:

` life cycles
` grass, fruit & seeds
` leaf types & margins

` land & marine plants
` fungi, algae & lichen
` plant needs & usage
` plant parts & functions
` flowering & non-flowering
` herbaceous & woody stems
` gymnosperm & angiosperm
` photosynthesis & reproduction
` monocotyledons & dicotyledons
` microscope slides ~ make or buy

In the Appendix:

` Books & Library numbers
Topical Vocabulary
` Internet Websites
` Pages to Copy
` Lab Sheets
` Flashcards
` Order List
` Suppliers

Lesson Plans

` How to use the Botany Unit Study
` Course Outline
` Lessons for each topic include:
` Subject & Lesson Plans
` Discussion & study points
` Questions to answer
` Lab Sheet(s)
` Hands-on projects

` Kym’s Konstruction KitTM ~
how to use or alter the lesson plans


In a Nutshell

Grade Level:


Special Features:
44 Hands-on Labs
68 Flash Cards



"Kym Wright has provided the tools, the rest is up to us! I would have to say that this "unit study" qualifies as a full-blown, one-semester course in Botany or beginning Plant Biology, rather than what we’ve come to see as a unit study. This is serious learning, complete with microscopic exploration, research and plenty of reading, replete with labs and experimentation - all well thought out, well laid out, and organized so we can jump right in. This lady did her homework, and it shows! The course smacks of professionalism from the print quality to the lesson quality." (Rainbow Resource Center) Read more here . . .