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Photography Adventure! 2nd Edition

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by Kym Wright

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We’ve added another unit to our catalog! Kym has written a course on understanding camera usage and taking better pictures. It contains all the usual: lesson plans, information, resource list, vocabulary words, assignments and fun! As with most of her units, this course can be used with library resources (your personal library or the public one!).

Written for 4th grade and up, it is a great course for those interested in learning to make the most of their camera, their photography time and money!

ISBN Number: 978-1-4276-2072-9

Sample Page Click here for a sample page from the Photography Adventure!
Topics Covered

The 78 page Photography Adventure! covers:

  • Lessons include:

    • Camera Parts

    • Camera Types

    • Digital Cameras

    • Lenses & Film

    • Composing Pictures

    • Focal Point, Lighting, Angles

    • Photographing People, Silhouettes, Groups

  • Portraits and Children

    • Landscape & Panorama

    • Patterns & Waterfront

    • Metropolitan Areas

    • Action Shots

    • Photographing Animals

    • Special Effects
      and much more



In a Nutshell

Grade Level:


Special Features: