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Science Adventure! Unit Studies

The Microscope Adventure 2nd Edition is our most popular unit to date! Written for our hands-on, no-write son, this unit contains guides for studying 26 specimens, PLUS Lab Sheets. Using easy-to-find specimens and the Lab Sheets provided, students from grade 4 through high school learn about microscopic life and scientific methods. Read Kathleen Julicher's review of the unit on the Microscope page.
The Photography Adventure! 2nd Edition covers picture composition, camera types & parts. Photograph people, landscapes, animals, city shots & waterfront. Easy special effects, careers in film and more. Ages 8-adult. Written for 4th grade and up, it is a great course for those interested in learning to make the most of their camera, their photography time and money! Kymís Konstruction Kit included.
One of the best sellers in our catalog of studies is the Botany Adventure! 2nd Edition. Learn all about plants from the roots up. Life cycles, needs, usage, differences, uniqueness, and comparisons. Microscopic to hands-on labs with plenty of Lab Sheets and flashcards provided. Appropriate for 6th grade through high school ~ this 160+ page study provides an exciting and comprehensive look at the plant world around us.
All children love turtles Ė watching them, feeding them, and looking for them in the wild. So ... Kym wrote the Turtle Adventure! 2nd Edition to teach about turtle taxonomy, the difference between reptiles and amphibians and turtle history. Is there a way to tell the age of a turtle by its shell?  What do they eat and how are they born?  Is a softshell turtle a mistake of nature?  These questions and more are answered, with Kymís typical detailed lesson plans, vocabulary list, websites, field trip ideas, resources and books, and fun for all ages. The neatest part is the Turtle Adventure! online virtual dissection included, covering opening a turtle specimenís shell and dissection. Use it to guide you through your own dissection, or give credit for virtual dissection! Fascinating, fun and informative!
The Bird Adventure 2nd Edition is 90+ pages, dubbed "Unit Studies for the Clueless" by a reviewer. It includes everything needed for a comprehensive study of birds, by the whole family. Lots of hands-on activities and well laid-out, this is, as one veteran homeschool mom said, "A no-brainer" - for mom/teacher, anyway. She can sit back and learn along with the students. Learn to identify birds in the field, air, or on water. Hands-on and research projects help you learn bird species, beaks, feet, habitat, incubating eggs, and more. Appropriate for all age and grade levels.

The Poultry Adventure! unit study covers chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese. Learn about incubating, raising and breeding. Supermarket Dissection, Lab Sheets, and plenty of Fun SheetsTM are included. Appropriate for all age and grade levels.
The Spiders Adventure! unit study is hot off the press and ready for immediate shipment. Kym wrote this one for our third oldest daughter Kelsey who just loves insects and spiders. This 90-page unit gives a solid foundation in spiders, systematically studying: taxonomy, internal and external anatomy, diet, life cycle, habits, habitats, venomous types, handling, observations, experiments, webs, silk, and more.
The Arachnid Adventure! unit study covers the study of scorpions, pseudo-scorpions, whip scorpions, mini whip scorpions, mites, ticks, harvestmen and others. Makes a great companion study to the Spiders Unit. Weíll study scorpions, their taxonomy, size, habits and habitats. Activities, labs, questions and information help you discover all about harvestmen, mites, chiggers, and ticks as well! So, come along on an Arachnid Adventure!

The Goat Adventure! unit study is 70+ pages of fun, learning and hands-on activities. You can practice milking at home! without a goat!!! Anatomy, genetics and practical raisin' requirements are discussed, researched and practiced. This study is a guide to assist you in getting to know goat breeds and needs. A marketing and business plan is also included. Appropriate for all age and grade levels.

The Sheep Adventure! unit study covers literature, history, hands-on fun, practical how-to's, raisin' requirements, anatomy, shearing, washing fleece and craft ideas. Learn the breeds, needs and feeds of sheep. Learning and fun for the whole family. Appropriate for all age and grade levels.

Science Unit News
Cathy Duffy Reviews

What should I teach for science?
Science should be a whole lot more fun than most textbooks make it out to be. Science helps us satisfy our curiosity, figure out how things work, make things work better, and come up with new and better ideas.
Often these things are best accomplished with real books, experiments, field trips, and activities rather than textbooks. But using a real books/activities approach might leave you with a lot of insecurity about whether or not youíre accomplishing enough or whether or not our child is working at an appropriate level.
Does making a clay model of the body systems equally satisfy learning needs of both a seven-year-old and a twelve-year-old? Probably not. But there are resources that can give you some guidance.

Kym Wright has already been doing exactly what Iíve described, and she has put together some of their topical studies in seventeen books thus far which are available through (Watch for more titles in the future.)

  • Most of these stretch easily for use with different age students.

  • These are very detailed studies that include experiments, projects, reading, writing, and numerous other activities.

  • Kym provides lesson plans that you can use as is or adapt to suit your situation.

  • You will need to find some of the resource books she recommends for each topic. 

  • Studies also feature related Scripture verses.