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Special Treasures

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Special Treasures

by Kym Wright

Special children are not given to
special families;
they are born to normal folks like
you and me.

Hopefully, we will rise to the
and find ways to help them
to their greatest potential.

~ Kym Wright

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Professional and Heartfelt Help for Raising Special Needs Children

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Chapters 1.  Encouragement
  • Count Your Blessings - Parenting a Child with Autism
  • Special Moms
  • Hope for Parents of Special Needs Kids
  • Train Them Up - Practical and Godly Discipline for the Special Needs Child
  • Down Syndrome - A Christian Neurodevelopmental Approach
  • Hope and Help for Autism
  • Autism - A Neurodevelopmental Approach

2.  Teaching Our Special Ones

  • Homeschooling Special Needs Children
  • IEP - Easy as P-I-E
  • Teaching Our Special Ones
  • Obtaining Special Services
  • Various Options
  • A Good Government Program?
  • Flashcards - Using Flashcards for more than math!
  • Teaching Geography

3.  Home Sweet Home

  • Special Treasures and Chores
  • Teaching our Treasures How to Clean Their Rooms
  • Decorate their Room!
  • Dressing a Special One
  • Cooking for our Special Treasures
  • Cooking Tips - Teaching our Special Ones to Cook
  • Special Workout
  • Finding Their Passion
  • Bedwetting
  • Special Helpers
  • Routine
  • Candida Yeast
  • ADD - A Deurodevelopmental Approach
  • Special Church

4. Appendix

  • About Dot Words
  • Dot Words
  • Dot Letters: Lowercase
  • Dot Letters: Uppercase
  • Writing a Name
  • Book: Big Rig
  • Geography Flashcards
  • Chore Charts
  • Acceptable / Alternative Flours for GFCF Diet
  • Special Diet Resources
  • Morgan's Bread Cookbook
  • Morgan's History
  • Workout Ideas








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Writers include experts, professional neurodevelopmentalists, mothers of special children, evaluators, and more.



Kay Ness is a neurodevelopmentalist, certified by ICAN, International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. Inspired by the birth of her son, she became involved in the neurodevelopmental work in 1985.  She has evaluated and designed home programs for families with children with problems ranging from severe brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, PDD, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, visual and auditory processing problems,  normal and accelerated, from birth to people in their 90ís.  By addressing root causes of learning and developmental problems, Kay has helped many many families help their loved ones reach levels of achievement that was thought impossible.

ICAN has evaluators and locations across the US and in Canada.  More information can be found at