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Spiders Unit Study

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Spiders Unit Study
by Kym Wright

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Description This 92-page Spider Unit gives a solid foundation in spiders, systematically studying: taxonomy, internal and external anatomy, diet, life cycle, habits, habitats, venomous types, handling, observations, experiments, webs, silk, and more.

Observe spiders, learn the variety of web shapes, memorize with included flashcards, and find out why spiders donít stick to their webs! Also, learn why a spider isnít an insect, and how to easily tell a male from a female. Study about molting the exoskeleton for growth and how different webs are used. Memorize the parts of the body, find the kneecap of the legs, microscopically view the spiderís claw.

The appendix contains website listings for the internet, along with a resource list. Labsheets are well-laid out. Vocabulary, flashcards, lesson plans, writing assignments and ideas, many experiments, and science are included.

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Topics Covered

The 92 page Spiders Unit Study covers:

  • Lessons include:

    • Concept Web

    • Charlotte's Web

    • Like or Dislike Experiment

    • Intro

    • Habitation

    • Diet

    • Life Cycle

    • Taxonomy

    • Types

    • Web Shapes & Types

    • Spider Web Silk

    • External Anatomy

    • Jaws, Mouth & Poison

    • Spider Venom Experiment

    • Molting

    • Spider Leg Anatomy

    • Senses

    • Enemies

    • Protection Devices

    • Tarantulas

    • Spider Vivarium

    • Spider Care

    • Vocab



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Special Features:
24 Flash Cards